What is the cost to my school?

There's no cost to your school. We only earn a profit if parents and students purchase a copy of their yearbook.

What’s the price of each book?

At Yuen Lui, we have prices starting as low as $10.75 making it affordable for everyone. Contact your school for cost and information on this years yearbook. 

Can we turn the yearbook into a fundraiser?

Yes. You can add any amount to the price of the book as a fundraiser. Please email us at yearbooks@yuenluischools.com for more information on getting that setup. 

Can we customize our yearbook?

Absolutely. We create our yearbooks with Pixami Pro an online based software solution, which allows you to customize all aspects of your yearbook from cover to page details you will have full control. We also have a dedicated designer you can work with so your school will have a unique yearbook and technical support. 

Is there a fee to use Pixami Pro?

There's no charge for using Pixami Pro software to create your yearbook and you will have full access to the complete suite design and layout tools.