Indoor sessions at our studio will include up 3 clothing changes with a variety of background changes.  

Our sitting fees

  • IN OUR STUDIO - $49.95 - $99.95
  • OUTDOOR - $49.95 - $149.00.

Sitting fees are non-refundable and must be paid to reserve your session time. The sitting fee does not include any photos or digital files-these are purchased separately. Please note, we will run specials on our website and send out emails with a Sale price that includes the sitting fee, prints and digital file for about the same as these listed here.


Costs for Ordering Printed Photos and Digital Files

All of our packages include a yearbook photo and start at 149.00. Our starting package includes 3 portrait sheets, and a yearbook photo for $149 (this does not include the sitting fee).  Get creative and put together your own package off our a la carte menu - 8 x 10 senior photos are $75 a piece. We always include complimentary retouching on all orders so that you look your best. Each ordered image is nicely enhanced and still perfectly you.



We have great local parks to choose from in several areas around the city.  

Indoors or outdoors the options are endless and we'll help customize a session based on your favorite backgrounds and personal style. Inside our studio we can create contemporary, fashionable portraits in black and white or color.


Apparel selection

Bring at a minimum of three complete outfit choices. Something that pleases You, something that will please Your PARENTS and something with great contrast for black and whites.

Choose flattering clothes that fit well, have lots of texture and are in your favorite colors. We've found for pictures taken outside, that neutral tones like black, navy, charcoal, cream and brown work well.  In the studio we have lots of colorful backgrounds available to coordinate with your clothing, so go bold or classic... Whenever you can, incorporate texture with layering or fabric choices.

Don't forget to match your shoes and boots to the outfit because you will be photographed in all kinds of poses. Standing or sitting; so make sure you've thought about your look from head to toe.  Avoid... white sneakers & large logos.



We love to personalize

Tell us who you are, what you do and we'll do the rest.



When will I be able to view the images from my photo session?

You will view the images right after your photo session. At that time, you will select and pay for the portrait package of your choice. We will then upload your images to our Online Viewing site so you can go home, relax and make your selections over the next few weeks.  If you purchase a package with the images on disc, we will burn the disc for you before you leave.  Any prints you order will be retouched by our Production team.  Print orders generally take about 2 weeks.