How do I pay for my child’s school portraits?

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1. Prepay online

Go to your dedicated school page by searching your school name or finding it on our "Find Your School" page. There will be a Prepay Order button to purchase your child's photos in advance of your school's picture day. You can order up to 48 hours after picture day with credit card. If you need assistance, please email us at:

*Order before the deadline (48 hours after picture day) for best pricing and free shipping to the school.


2. Pay on picture day

Some schools request a Price-list with a cash & check option - Your child will be sent home with their school's order form. Fill out and enclose payment, cash or check. Make sure to send the order form with payment to school with your child on picture day, they will need to give it to the photographer. If you need assistance, please email us at:


How do I pay for more than one child?

Each child will need to have separate orders for each, because our ordering system is photo specific. If your children go to different schools you will need to go to each school page and pay for the students pictures.

If you want to pay for more than one child via cash or check, fill out separate order forms and include separate payments for each. This will ensure accurate processing of your children's school portraits. If you need assistance, please email us at:


How do I re-order school portraits

On your school web page we have archived all photos taken at your school - click on the 'Archive' button to access these photos. If you need assistance, please email us at:

What if I didn't order school portraits on picture day?

No Problem.  Approximately 3 weeks after picture day the photos will be available for viewing and ordering.  At that time, your student will receive a proof sheet from their school. The proof sheet will have a photo sample of their photo taken and instructions on how to order. The prices will be slightly higher than the discounted packages that were available on picture day. A small shipping fee will also be added as the orders are sent directly from the photo lab to your home.

How do I view and order school portraits online?

Approximately 3 weeks after picture day you will receive your child's proof packet from their school. Go to your schools page on our website, find the Order Photos button and complete the online ordering process by entering your Online Code (normally the Student Id if applicable) which can be located on your portrait info card. If you need assistance, please email us at:

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What background will be used?

Your school's administration will select a background and will be listed on the Picture Order Form along with on your school page here on the website.


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Is retouching included?

Yes, we will automatically retouch all middle school and high school student pictures.

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